Ufone is Different

In a nutshell – bigger choice with smaller bills.  Most telecommunications providers either specialise in one area of technology, or they are so big they don't care about you and have a large network to maintain, and maybe have a heritage in mobile phones.  Their goal is to capture your business by plugging you into their system, so they’ll offer you one of their standard packages which may or may not be the best deal in the marketplace and almost definitely won't be using the best technology for you.

Ufone starts from a different perspective. We’re small business communications experts. We specialise in utilising technology to help you be more efficient, and cost competitive without. We’ll look at your total telecommunications usage and then we'll design a solution to suit you.  VoIP is an important technology which is enabling NZ businesses to take control of their Telecomms spend and functional efficiency.

   Want to know more?

At Ufone we’re passionate about business communications, so call 0800 508 888 or email your current bill and we’ll give you a heads-up on what you could save.

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