Voip Phone

For small to medium sized business installations a hosted VoIP PBX is the ideal solution for a low cost high functionality system. These days everything is being sourced "in the cloud" so why not you office PBX system?  Lots of businesses are doing just that for a variety of reasons. The advantages are:

  • You choose the latest phone hardware.
  • Less capital expenditure.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Easy to scale up or down.
  • VoIP security is someone else's problem.
  • Virtual receptionist included as standard.
  • Moving location is simplified and fast.
  • Never miss a call capacity

Ufone provide one of the most sophisticated and widely deployed hosted systems in NZ, which includes multiple backup and redundant servers and routes, ensuring superior reliablity and availability.  Security and PBX hacking is always a security threat but with a hosted systems, that risk is with us and not you, which is a significant benefit.

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