What is VoIP?
VoIP is simply a method of delivering voice calls over the Internet or a data network. VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol". We are all familiar with the traditional phone network which we have been using all our lives. VoIP is steadily replacing the old voice network with a new method of making the same calls. You may not be aware that you are already using VoIP because many companies have changed over from standard phone service including us at Ufone, so every time you call our number you are using VoIP to talk to us, even when you call from a standard phone.

Why should I be interested in this?
VoIP will give you greater functionality, and efficiency, as well as save you money.
The smartphone in your pocket does so much, yet the old phone on your desk just calls and rings, and, maybe transfers a caller to the right extension. A VoIP phone system does so much more right out of the box.

A new VoIP phone system includes advantages like these:

  • Free or very cheap calling
  • See who is calling you before you answer
  • See who is on a call or available in your company
  • Automated call attendant which you can customise
  • Easily make conference calls with a group of people
  • Built in disaster recovery, eg divert calls to mobile
  • Simultaneously ring your extension and your mobile phone

The Internet has changed society faster than any previous technology, including radio, television, and telephones.  Starting in 2002, VoIP telephone systems arrived. The result? VoIP is now in the process of replacing all traditional phone systems.

How well is VoIP doing in the market? In early 2013, only about a third of all installed business phone lines were VoIP. By 2016, two-thirds of all installed business phone lines are projected to be VoIP.

Ufone can supply VoIP service in the following ways:

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