centrexCentrex™ (also known as Vortex) is a totally managed solution that connects all your phones directly to the network. CentrexTM replaces the need for a PABX system and lets you add or remove lines as your needs change.

No new hardware or software is required. You'll enjoy a communications system that's future-proof and highly cost effective, with extensive extra features – more than conventional PABX systems – but without the capital cost.

Centrex™ is ideal for businesses of any size – from small, single-site businesses using 2-9 lines, to large multi-site enterprises using more than 60 lines.

Here's what you get with Centrex™ from Ufone:

  • Easy installation and start-up, fully managed by Ufone.
  • Comprehensive and detailed staff training and familiarisation at cut-over
  • Ongoing training for as long as you're a Vortex user.
  • Seamless and transparent operation of features and dialling plans.
  • Full direct inward dialling capabilities on all extensions.
  • System features on any extension.
  • No congestion in accessing the public network.
  • High reliability and disaster resilience.
  • Full network diversity, with automatic fault recovery.
  • Accurate and detailed extension-level billing information.

Even if you already have this service, Ufone can probably save you money by transferring to us.

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