old phoneThis is the standard type of phone line, usually connected to a PABX switchboard or directly into a telephone, fax machine or modem. Ufone also offers an upgraded analogue line called a 'feature line' to help manage your calls. The perfect solution for small businesses with one or two phone lines.

Here are some of the built-in features that come as standard with a Ufone feature line:

  • Call Waiting means you'll never miss an important call again. A soft beep' tells you someone is trying to call while you're using the phone. You can answer the new call and switch between calls at will.
  • Call Park lets you put a call on hold so that it can be answered at another extension. Meanwhile you can still receive and make calls while the other call is parked.
  • Speed Dial uses a short two-digit code for up to thirty full numbers.
  • Call Forward offers a choice of three ways to forward incoming calls to another number. Which feature you use depends on the situation:
    Forward to another selected number always.
    Forward to another selected number on busy.
    Forward to another selected number on no answer.
  • Last Number Redial saves wasted time on redialling unanswered calls or calls to busy numbers.
  • Directed Call Pickup allows you to answer calls coming in on another line.
  • Conference/Transfer lets you contact another party during a call, and to either transfer the call or include the third party in a three-way conference.

Other options include Voicemail, Never Busy Fax, Remote Call Forward.

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