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If you're an IT company that prides itself in providing top quality services then we want to hear from you. Join our growing family of premium IT companies providing the best of class VoIP Services to their customers.

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Full Range DSL, UFB, HSNS
SIP Trunks

For any business who has already invested in a VoIP capable phone system we can provide VoIP based SIP trunks to provide you with reliable and cost effective service.  SIP trunks are more easily understood as ISDN replacement service running over your data circuit or Internet connection.  SIP trunks are a more efficient technology than ISDN and are therefore far less expensive, saving your company significant money in converting to this technology.

To take advantage of the best and most efficient network for your VoIP system will require both your Data Connection and your SIP trunk service to be provided by Ufone and both on our Network. This way we have visibility "end to end" and can both easily troubleshoot problems and even pro-actively avoid problems in the first place.

SIP Trunks

Any Number of Channels and DDI's
Voip Phone

For small to medium sized business installations a hosted VoIP PBX is the ideal solution for a low cost high functionality system. These days everything is being sourced "in the cloud" so why not you office PBX system?  Lots of businesses are doing just that for a variety of reasons. The advantages are:

  • You choose the latest phone hardware.
  • Less capital expenditure.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Easy to scale up or down.
  • VoIP security is someone else's problem.
  • Virtual receptionist included as standard.
  • Moving location is simplified and fast.
  • Never miss a call capacity

Ufone provide one of the most sophisticated and widely deployed hosted systems in NZ, which includes multiple backup and redundant servers and routes, ensuring superior reliablity and availability.  Security and PBX hacking is always a security threat but with a hosted systems, that risk is with us and not you, which is a significant benefit.

Hosted PBX

Complex configurations are simple

Old Phone Services

Still fully supported

Easy Because We Do the Hard Work

Say goodbye to bad or no support from your VoIP partner. 
You'll be surprised how easy everything becomes when configuring complex services are just simple clicks away.  
Give us a try and you won't regret it.

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Best Engineers
Specialist VoIP Engineers are a special breed, who talk a different language to most others. What sets them apart is a passion and the expertise to get to the heart of subtle voice issues and configurations, solving problems so that you don't have to.
Awesome Technology
Competitive Pricing

Our Strengths

We're kinda old fashioned in that we believe in being available to our Partners at all times, to support them in providing a top quality and reliable service to their customers, and being accountable for that.
We're experts in everything that we sell and we are constantly training our Partners so that they can install and support VoIP services competently.
Be part of our team of expert installers enabling you to take on any size project with confidence.  Help when and if your need it to close that big deal.
One of our expert technicians is just a phone call away during our extended office hours, and even for after hours emergency support.

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Channel Partner

Monthly Commission

%on sales

  • No Bond Required
  • Ufone Billing
  • Customer pays Ufone
  • 1st Level Support -Ufone
  • 2nd Level Support -n.a.
  • All Services Available
  • Emergency Callout
  • Customer Billing Portal

Whitelabel Partner

Wholesale Partner

Wholesale Buy

retailyou decide

  • Bond Payable
  • Your Billing
  • Customer Pays You
  • 1st Level Support -Your Company
  • 2nd Level Support -Ufone
  • All Services Available
  • Emergency Callout at Your Cost
  • You Provide Billing Portal

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Say goodbye to bad or no support from your VoIP partner.
You'll be surprised how easy everything becomes when configuring complex services are just simple clicks away. 
Give us a try and you won't regret it.

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